Collection: Black Oudh charcoal Glow (Gift set)

Refresh and detoxify your skin with our Black Oudh collection - your four step ritual for beautifully clear skin! 

Step 1: Cleanse with our Daily Detox cleansing bar, with activated charcoal that draws out deep down bacteria and toxins to brighten the complexion and cleanse pores.

Step 2: Tackle breakouts and blemishes with our activated charcoal mask use 2-3 times a week for instantly visible brighter glowing skin.

Step 3. Use our daily clay facial cleanser as part of a facial detox to improve skin tone, non irritating the beautifully natural formula makes it highly effective without being abrasive.

Draws impurities from skin whilst cleansing and moisturising. Improving skin appearance, and elasticity.

Apply a pea size amount to your finger tips and gently massage the cleanser over your face and neck areas. Using a damp warm cloth remove the cleanser from your face, gently wiping the cleanser away - ensuring you remove the cleanser from every part of your face and neck. Splash cool water over your cleansed face.

Step 4. Finish with our Glow face oil specially formulated to moisturize and brighten the skin while restoring essential skin lipids. Quickly absorbed, this ultra-light oil leaves a velvety satin-smooth finish on the skin for a lasting sensation of comfort. Intensely nourished and hydrated, skin is bright, translucent, supple and smooth. The complexion bursts with a healthy, pure glow. 

Gift set include 

• Charcoal cleansing bar 90 gram

• Charcoal face mask 60ml

• Clay facial clearer 100ml

• Glow face oil 30ml


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