My name is Coline Benjamin and founder of Kurlysue.

My brand vision is to be honest and transparent about all the ingredients that goes into each and every one of our products.

All our products are handmade using ethically sourced raw plant-based botanicals. My mission is to create and provide a healthy yet effective hair and skincare wellness products design to improve the overall lifestyles of our customers.

I started my company as a way to solve a problem. My baby boy, Joel, who is now 13 months was the inspiration for the brand and the kind and gentle formulations. At six-months old, I notice he was allergic to most synthetic ingredients. I didn’t need to look very far at all the nasties I was using daily on my children and myself . This was the beginning of Kurlysue plant-based complete range.

Our product range is kind and gentle enough for all the family and also multi use head to toe.

Our products use some of the earth’s most treasured plant-based botanicals ingredients and we don’t use anything that could hurt the planet or our kids.

Being aware of our environmental responsibility, we take particular care in using glass packaging and other recyclable packaging.